Camping in Kelowna and Area


Places to Camp in Kelowna BC

Living or visiting Kelowna and enjoying the camping experience is something jus about everyone enjoys. It is a family experience for all ages. Most of the campsites are in government run campsites either on Lake Okanagan, Woods Lake or in the mountains. If you are interested in trying a new location to campout this summer it is a good idea to start your search now. The local campsites book up for the season very early. You can start here


Decide your dates now. If you wait too long you will miss the opportunity to secure a pad for next summer. Once you have made a decision on dates then you can feel comfortable booking your vacation and relax knowing you have a place for next summer. Every summer there are families touring Kelowna and area in search of a space to pitch their tent only to be disappointed as all of the camp grounds have been booked up for months in advance.

My favourite Parks

 Myra Bellevue Provinial Park – I love hiking and  hiking or biking on trail bikes over the old kettle Valley railway is breathtaking! You can travel along the trail from South East Kelowna all the way to Naramata and enjoy a wine tour or tasting at the end of the trail.
Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park Located on the east side of Lake Okanagan between Penticton and Kelowna.
Okanagan Lake Provincial Park Located on Westside Road  between West Kelowna and Vernon. Fabuous beaches and fresh water for swimming and boating. There is some great hiking on the the mountain opposite the campground  with fantasticviewsof the mountains and Lake


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Family Camping Experience

Why Outdoor camping Makes the Ultimate Family Vacation


Are you and your family thinking about taking a household vacation? If you are, have you  chosen exactly what you wish to do or where you would like to go?  If you have yet to decide what you would like your next family holiday to be about, you may wish to consider camping. Outdoor camping is a fun method to spend your next family vacation. Although it is nice to hear that outdoor camping is a fun method to spend your next  getaway, you may be questioning precisely why that is. What you need to know is that camping is typically referred to as one of America’s favorite pastimes. There are a number of  factors for that, as well as reasons regarding why camping is terrific for family trips or family vacations.

One of the numerous reasons that outdoor camping is best for household vacations is because camping remains an activity that is perfect for people of all  ages. For example, there are lots of parents who  take their newbornswith them.

It is  possible for you to go camping with your kids, even more youthful children, as long as you ensure that you watch on your kids at all times. Another one of the many reasons that camping produces great household trips is  camping comes in a number of various formats. For circumstances, outdoor camping getaways can be as short as one day or they can last as long as a week or more. This implies that you can plan your next family camping holiday around you and your household. In addition to the length of your camping experience, you will likewise find that you can camp a number of different methods. Camping is often done in conventional camping tents or in mobile home. When deciding how you and your family want to camp, you may wish to think about what would be best or most convenient for you and your family. The activities that you and your family will have access to is another one of the many reasons camping is fantastic for family trips. Although outdoor camping is  an enjoyable activity all on its own, you will discover that it isn’t really the only activity that you and your family can participate in. In the United States, a big number of camping area parks have onsite swimming pools, onsite lakes, onsite play grounds, and onsite treking routes. Exactly what does this mean for you? It means that, in addition to outdoor camping, you and your household enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and much more! The cost of camping is another reason why outdoor camping produces fantastic family vacations. Although you will likely be charged an admission cost or an outdoor camping cost to camp at a public camping area park, you will likely discover the expense very budget-friendly. The materials and camping equipment that you need is also incredibly affordable, as the majority of the supplies can be bought for discount rate prices, both on and offline. As it was previously pointed out, camping is excellent for family trips, as it is an enjoyable activity that is ideal for simply about anybody, no matter  the age.

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